Typical Projects Include:

  • Expert witness for an insurance company to determine the reasonable value of medical professional services in automobile injury cases.
  • Expert witness for health care providers in cases involving billing issues, lost profits, damages and valuations.
  • Updated and repriced the life care plan in a medical malpractice case showing significant additional needs and costs.  Recomputed present value for the plaintiff's attorney.
  • Projected the life time cost of medical and related life care needs for a child with a spinal card injury.
  • Assisted a distressed medical practice to  recover its financial viability and affiliate with a larger medical group.
  • Assisted the secured creditors of a hospital chain in bankruptcy, evaluated the recovery plan of the debtor in possession and prepared an alternate recovery plan including financial projections for the reorganized company.
  • Assessed the business plan and prospects of a specialty hospital chain emerging from bankruptcy and recommended strategic redirection to avoid additional financial difficulties.
  • Developed an operational and financial plan to reduce significant losses at a children's teaching hospital and prevented its closing.
  • Assisted a health care financial services company and its venture capitalist evaluate the viability of its growth strategy.
  • Assessed the financial viability of a retirement homes company expansion plans.  
  • Prepared a business plan and negotiated financing for a freestanding heart center.
  • Tested the market and financial feasibility of a proposed medical care product.
  • Negotiate managed care contracts for IPAs and PHOs and prepared medical management and business plans.

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